A leading plastic manufacturer APL supplied quality plastic products

Every year the automotive industry requires millions of plastic components to be produced by plastic manufacturers around the world. Components such as wing mirror casings, door panels and dashboard panels are produced by injection moulding specialists servicing clients in the automotive sector. The relationship between automotive companies and plastic manufacturers is based on an understanding of excellence in quality of both product and service.

An experienced plastic manufacturers know that in order to maintain the high levels of service and production constant investment in the company is required.

Automatic Plastics operate a 33,000 square foot facility with many cutting edge injection moulding machines and several robots that ensure the latest technology is implemented in the manufacturing process of their plastic goods.

Further to that APL continually strives to improve employee capabilities with up-skilling and training programs. This combination of state of the art machinery and a highly skilled workforce means that Automatic Plastics are able to provide a high quality product in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

Automatic Plastics also manufacture many types of plastic items for the pharmaceutical industry. On an ongoing basis the pharmaceutical sector needs a huge variety of injection moulded products. Everything from rigid containers and defibrillator casings to tamper proof lids and DNA testing kits need to be produced by plastic manufacturers that supply pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

APL Component Assembly for Injection Moulding ProductsWhile the Automotive and Pharmaceutical sectors are the two primary sectors catered for, the flexibility and effectiveness of injection moulding machinery means that many different business types can be catered for. One of the other main sector includes medical device plastic injection moulding.

The potential is almost unlimited and pieces can be made from the very small such as disposable cutlery and toys to much larger items such as crates and bins.

Because Automatic Plastic’s moulding process is highly automated, all products can be manufactured very efficiently through a rapid and streamlined process. To make the production process even more efficient Automatic Plastics provides customers the benefit of its many years of experience in manufacturing plastic items with a number of different services such as design, project management and assembly.

With over 40 years of experience in plastic manufacture Automatic Plastics can provide customers clarity and effectiveness.