A Range of Specialist Plastic Manufacturing Services

Injection Moulding for Pharmaceutical Containers, Lids & Casings

The development of plastics technology has completely revolutionized the world we live in. Vehicles and furniture can be created with more ergonomic forms more easily and at a lower cost. Packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industry can be made that is also cost effective, keeps food fresher for longer, prevents pharmaceuticals from being tampered with and keeps children safe.

Plastic manufacturing has come a long way even in the relatively short time it has been an industry. Computer modelling can be applied to the design of plastic moulds for injection moulding. This makes moulds more efficient and effective. Different plastic materials with different qualities and properties can be used to create a more diverse range of plastic products.

Automatic Plastics has been a part of the plastic manufacturing industry for much of this period of development in the plastic industry. With over forty years experience producing plastic products for a range of industries, Automatic Plastics has seen many of these developments as they have happened and successfully implemented them along the way.

Today Automatic Plastics supplies a large range of plastic components primarily to the automotive and pharmaceutical industries but also to a number of other industries. In doing so they employ a variety of sophisticated techniques, advanced technology and skilled technicians to provide a number of different plastic manufacturing services.


With such broad experience and knowledge of the plastic manufacturing process APL are able to provide clients with in depth consultation services. With expert guidance on the development and design of a plastic product clients can gain the most from their product development process.

Consultancy and Advice on Injection Moulding

Consultancy and Advice on Injection Moulding

Areas on which APL can advise clients and provide consultation include providing feedback on the feasibility of a newly developed tool. They can also provide advice on the design of a new tool as well as detailed costing of a business plan. Through their consultation services APL can also develop specification documents for tendering processes.


There have been huge advancements in object and structure design over the years. These developments have grown at an ever greater pace in the last decades as computing power has increased. Implementing these technologies in the design of plastic moulded products is simple.

Design Services with 3D CAD Software & Prototypes at APL

Where customers have yet to complete a formal design process APL can provide expert design services using technology such as 3D CAD software to develop designs. Prototypes can also be developed to test designs and clarify requirements before production goes ahead.

Many efficiencies and cost effective approaches can be identified at the design stage that produce savings in time and expense.

Mould Flow Analysis

In addition to the design process, Automatic Plastics offer a specialist mould flow analysis service. This involves a detailed analysis of the mould design to identify optimal positioning of gating elements and cooling elements.

A broad array of issues are considered relating to the form and design of the mould. As well as the location of the gates and cooling elements mould flow analysis looks at potential for warping and different options for materials being used. When all of these factors have been considered and analysed a highly effective solution can be developed.

Mould flow analysis ensures that a client begins the manufacturing process with the optimal mould form. This leads to savings in both time and money, preventing unnecessary revisions and restarts.

Project Management

The many years of experience in plastic manufacturing at Automatic Plastics means that the company can provide enormous expertise in project management. Allowing APL to manage a project means the client can rest assured the project will be taken care of and carried out in as effective and efficient a manner possible.

Employing specialist project management software from Microsoft, the project management team can make even greater efficiencies and track projects form start to finish.

Injection Moulding and Plastic Manufacturing

At the core of APL’s business is of course the physical manufacturing of plastic goods. A wide range of cutting edge equipment is capable of performing a large number of different injection moulding processes. These include insert moulding and 2-shot moulding.

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