Automatic Plastics Ltd acquires two new Fanuc Injection Moulding Machines

Recently APL acquired two new Fanuc Roboshot injection moulding machines – one machine is 250T and the other is 180T. They both have robots fitted which are fully CNC programmable (programmed by computer for all moving parts) and should significantly increase productivity on the factory floor.

Fanuc are the world leader in Injection Moulding machines and in the industry their machines are considered  to be extremely reliable and stable. These are electric that operate with a high degree of precision and will increase output significantly.  The CNC robots serve to handle the parts from the injection moulding machine.

The machines and robots may help APL, already one of Ireland’s leading plastics companies, to expand more into global markets as exporters of the highest quality plastic moulding products.

As a progressive business, we continually strive to improve our efficiency and turnaround times and it’s essential that we maintain and invest in our plant and our resources to optimise production capacity and meet the highest possible quality standards. The workforce at APL is very skilled and the team is comprised of highly trained individuals so we ensure we have the best possible equipment and machines for the team to work with, thereby ensuring our continued growth and success in the specialist field of injection moulding.

The machines from the Fanuc Roboshot series are energy saving as they re-use energy .They also have a number of safety mechanisms in place. All moving parts are shielded from making contact with the operator through integrated safety covers. There is also an ejector with a brake in case a part gets stuck or there is a power outage.

We have staff that are fully trained in working with the machines and they have expert know-how in setting up moulding production processes. These machines are in operation over three 8-hour shifts every day.

This latest acquisition adds greatly to our array of existing robots and injection moulding machine and our ability to deliver the best in high quality injection moulding services. We Fanuc Roboshot machinesupport customers across the pharmaceutical, automotive and healthcare industries.

As a reliable supplier, APL offers a more efficient alternative to in-house moulding. Our products range from toys, medical components and containers to crates, bins and disposable cutlery for the hospitality industry amongst many others.  We strive to offer you an efficient, cost-effective solution to your business needs and to do this, we ensure that the plant has the requisite tools and machinery to support customer needs.

Last year Automatic Plastics Ltd had a birthday bash as we celebrated 40 years since Al Lawless Snr first installed his very first injection moulding machine at Tinahely, Co. Wicklow. Everyone at APL and in the local community had a great day and it marked the achievements of the business over the last four decades.

We were very proud and honoured to have received such enthusiastic support from our local community throughout the history of the business and the anniversary was a good way to celebrate this mutual commitment.  These new machines and robots symbolise our continued commitment both to working in Tinahely and to our expansion plans to drive exports and to continue growth into the future.

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