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Pharmaceutical Packaging

Automatic Plastics were pleased to attend the Manufacturing and Supply Conference at CityWest in January and hear a vast array of speakers on a diverse range of topics.

With our focus on pharmaceutical packaging, the discussion around the Fidelity of Moisture Status in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain was noteworthy and an area on which we frequently advise clients on, in terms of our bespoke pharmaceutical packaging solutions. The seminar on Pharma and Biotech Packaging was also insightful and reinforced our experience in supporting clients to undergo an in-depth packaging analysis on the selection of secondary packaging for our injection moulded pharma containers.  Whilst we encourage sustainable options, such as reusable boxes, our priority is integrity of the packaging for secure arrival at the end destination.

Lean Manufacturing

One of the main streams of the conference was on Lean Manufacturing. We are advanced on our Lean journey with 5S, Visual Management, Waste Reduction programmes and Problem Solving Tools being embedded in our daily culture at Automatic Plastics. The speakers were international experts in their field and the opportunity for new insights and tips on the Lean journey were welcome. The Next Level of Change Management reinforced our determination to involve, motivate and engage every member of our team on our Lean journey.

The presentation on Shifting Mindsets and Behaviours to Enable Faster Delivery of Innovation and Growth was of interest. Presented from a large corporate perspective it actually highlighted how as a SME indigenous, privately owned company, Automatic Plastics has the benefit of being able to act fast, innovate and drive positive change, without the challenges of large corporate structures (in order to meet the needs of our customers).  Our flexibility is one of our key strengths, as we can adapt with client and bring ideas and innovation to the table.

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Andrea Cawley

Director of Sales and Marketing