Contract Injection Moulding for the Automotive Industry

In the automotive sector experience, commitment to quality and on time production are Injection Moulding Suppliers for Automotive Sector
key factors. Automatic Plastics has provided contract injection moulding services to the automotive industry since the mid 70’s, when we secured our first automotive customer just a few years after the company was founded. We position ourselves as a superb Tier 2 supplier, currently supplying long-standing clients including Honeywell and Magna.

Typically we work with automotive customers from very early-on in the design process. The service we offer is comprehensive and bespoke, covering all aspects of injection moulding and related processes including Project Management, Consultancy, Tooling Design, Mould Flow Analysis, Injection Moulding, 2-Shot Moulds, Insert Moulding, Component Assembly, Tool Management and Logistics.

Product Part Approval Process (PPAP)

Our process commences with the Product Part Approval Process (PPAP) which is a rigorous procedure to include:

ISIR Studies
Control Plan Development
FWEA’s (failure analysis)
Guage R&R’s

This work is combined in a pack and drawings are developed and submitted to the customer. SPC (Statistical Process Control) is done on an ongoing basis to ensure the process is effectivelycon .

Automotive Products Manufactured

Our world class injection moulding machines and 24 hour operations mean we are perfectly positioned to manufacture for high volume requirements.  Over the years we have manufactured a variety injection moulds for the automotive market including;

  • panel casings for door electronics
  • casings for steering wheels
  • climate control modules
  • infotainment casings
  • mirror casings

There can be few suppliers in the current market place that can rival APL in terms of the length and depth of expertise in injection moulding services specific to the automotive industry. We look forward to talking through your contract injection moulding requirements.

If you require a reliable, committed contract injection moulding supplier of automotive parts contact us today on +353 (0)402 38231 or click here – Contact APL. We look forward to providing a competitive quote for your requirements.