Tool Management

Tool ManagementAutomotive Tool Management and Storage

Automotive customers’ avail of our tool management service to

  •   Source
  •   Store
  •   Maintain
  •   Manage

tools which we use for production at APL. Our store room typically caters for around 200 moulds for a variety of clients.

Source Tools

APL has worked with tool manufacturers from across the globe. As we also design moulds in-house, our level of expertise in helping customers find the best solution is second to none.

In some cases we recognize the benefit to clients in achieving cost-efficiencies by sourcing tools abroad while for certain moulds the risk in compromising on quality can be a high price to pay. We can give advice on the most practical way forward to deliver a commercial result to the required quality standards.

This Tool Sourcing service is available to customers who manufacture with APL.

Tool Storage

APL has a unique racking system to store tools – whereby rolling shelves can support moulds weighing up to 2 tonnes.

A crane reduces tool change times and makes the storage process highly efficient. Tools are monitored and maintained in accordance to a stringent programme designed to keep the moulds performing at an optimal level. Each day the moulds are cleaned and protection settings are checked every week.

This storage system has proven to be highly effective and is proven over many years.

Tool Maintenance

The Tooling Workshop at APL carries out most repairs internally and the equipment available includes traditional and new milling machines, surface grinders and Spark Eroders.

We also have a highly experienced welder located a short distance from the factory and he supports additional requirements as necessary. Clients can have absolute confidence that their moulds will be accessible and ready-for-use as soon as they are required.

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