Capabilities for the Production of Automotive Plastic Products

APL Injection Moulding Services for Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a leading client in the injection moulding industry. Many peripheral and core components of vehicles are fabricated through the injection moulding process. Producing vehicles is an exercise in accuracy and efficiency. To produce a quality automobile manufacturers must apply high and exacting standards to all aspects of the production including injection moulded plastic components.

It is also a dynamic business that can have changing needs and requirements. This means companies that supply the automotive industry need to be adaptable and inventive. A combination of cutting edge technology and the expert technicians to use them allow plastic production companies to meet these requirements.

Continuing as a successful automotive manufacturer also means meeting deadlines with consistency. Again, this applies to the companies supplying components. Delays in delivering a single component can cause disruptions for the entire production process.

Automatic Plastics have been supplying the automotive industry with custom moulded plastic products for over 40 years. In order to continually meet these high demands and exacting requirements Automatic Plastics has developed a range of services and capabilities.

Design Services for Tools from Automatic Plastics


Design is a critical aspect. Clients may have their own design facilities that are comprehensive but in some instances the added expertise of injection moulding design specialists can make a number of improvements in efficiency and design. Small changes to a design made with the injection moulding process in mind can make substantial differences to the manufacturing process itself.

This may be in the form of reductions to tooling costs, it may be the implementation of best practices or it may take into account long term production considerations.

Mould Flow Analysis

By considering factors such as the placement of gates and cooling in the mould as well as the type of material used and potential for warpage a number of significant efficiencies can be made in the design of the injection moulds. These can have long term benefits particularly in terms of cost efficiency.


Consultancy and Advice on Injection Moulds & Tool DesignConsultation services allow clients to determine the best way to carry out a number of different processes and procedures. Consultancy might include advising clients on the design of a new tool, it might be to provide feedback on the feasibility of a particular project or to provide cost details for a business plan.

Providing clients with the knowledge and expertise that Automatic Plastics has gathered in its 40 years of business is a great way to ensure that not only is the product optimal in design and cost but that the client is happy and confident with a proposal.

Project Management

Those 40 years of experience and expertise can be combined with project management capabilities and specialisation in the use of Microsoft Office Project. This allows clients to keep track of projects ensure that projects are kept on track and completed in schedule.

Injection Moulding

Automatic Plastics Celebrates 40 Years of Injection Moulding ServicesAt the core of plastic product manufacturing is the injection moulding process. Automatic Plastics have over 40 years of injection moulding experience and have seen and adapted almost every development that has occurred in the process since.

A continual dedication to fostering expertise in the staff that carry out the process and updating the equipment with which it is carried out allows Automatic Plastics to provide the best plastic injection moulding service possible.

Insert Moulding

When plastic products need to incorporate metal components or prefabricated plastic pieces they can often be fitted during the moulding process using Insert Moulding. The additional components are inserted into the mould before injection and the plastic forms around them, incorporating them fully into the plastic product.

2-Shot Moulding

2-Shot Moulding Plastic Injection ServicesIf a product requires two different types of plastic or plastic of two different colours then rather than producing the components separately both can be moulded simultaneously in the same cycle using 2-shot moulding. . Two separate injection screws deliver different polymers or different colours of a single polymer into the mould forming a single piece with two distinct sections.