Food Packaging Client

Whilst food packaging is obviously different to pharmaceutical packaging, many of the key drivers for the sector are the same – including the requirements for high volume, high speed and consistent quality.

Our new food packaging client wanted to change supplier for their plastic food packaging as they were experiencing difficulties with their existing supplier – there were quality issues but also a failure to respond, resolve and remedy the issues as they arose. The incumbent supplier was a very large company.

The client selected Automatic Plastics based on many factors, which included their belief in our technical ability to produce the required parts, but also our commitment to excellent service levels.

Essential for the client was that the change in supplier would not cause any disruption to their production line – meaning the weight, size, material and all other product specifications needed to be the same. Automatic Plastics designed, built and project managed the build of a single cavity tool. Trial parts were manufactured from the soft single cavity tool. A full dimensional CMM analysis and review was completed on the parts. A trial was then scheduled on site at the client’s facility to test the parts. The trial was successful and we have now moved to full mould design and build of a number of 16 cavity tools.

Due to the volume of product required we are designing a bespoke automation and packaging solution for the client on site at Automatic Plastics. We have committed to two machines running the product full time 24/5 with weekend back up in event of any volume peaks.

Key outcome: The client was keen to change supplier due to quality issues and a failure by the existing supplier to respond. Due to their high volume and high speed production line, they required an identical product to be manufactured by a new supplier. Automatic Plastics delivered this through:

  • Detailed analysis of existing product from the existing supplier and a review of the critical dimensions on the client production line to ensure a smooth transition
  • Design and build of “trial mould” – a soft, one cavity tool with low capital investment to ensure identical dimensional parameters and test on client production line
  • Full tool build project management of 3 multi cavity fully hardened production moulds
  • Implementation of a bespoke automation cell to drive efficient and quality production