Homewares Manufacturer

  • Case Study Date: Feb 2014
  • Client: Connabride
  • Key Challenge: Flexibility in capacity and ability to respond to requirements.
  • Service Delivered: Injection Moulding
  • Product: Retail Product for the Consumer Market

Long Term Strategic Partners

The management teams at APL and Connabride have had a long-standing, successful relationship . Some years ago, Connabride had a number of poor experiences with moulding suppliers so they sought out an alternative supplier. When they came across APL, they tested the quality of the work with sample jobs and were ultimately very satisfied with the product produced and the skills of the management team.

Connabrides’ manager says “We have a great working relationship, some time ago we made a strategic decision that we want to work with APL over the long-term.”

Over the years the two businesses have grown together and they work closely both tactically, in designing and developing the product and strategically through planning capital investment to meet future production requirements.

Quality Processes

“We’re happy with the quality processes at APL – some of this comes from the fact that they have worked with customers in the automotive sector, so they already had the right procedures in place – they have ISO TS 16949, which is hard to achieve and one of the highest standards for this sort of manufacturing. ”

Production Management and Deliveries

Once Connabride plans production requirements, it supplies schedules to APL. A significant amount of goods are shipped in full containers direct to customers. “We have rented storage near our customers and APL ship direct and feed into that warehouse. Flexibility and capacity has been a critical element of the relationship. There are daily deliveries and APL deals directly with the warehouse in terms of what’s needed. The production and delivery process works very smoothly”.

Core Strengths

Connabride considers APL’s core strength to be its moulding expertise and experience, supported by the hands-on managerial skills of the senior team.