Medical Device Component

At APL our client centric approach facilitates efficiency and achieves cost reductions for our clients. So, for example, one of our medical device clients approached us to resolve an issue they were experiencing regarding the manufacture of a component for their medical device. Before the process was transferred to us the quality level of the production was poor resulting in high costs and low efficiencies. The product was the injection moulding of a light pipe with thick wall sections.

We at APL used a multi-disciplinary team to evaluate the process to come up with a solution that solved all these issues. Our round table discussions look at projects from all aspects – technical, design, quality, materials with the end user, in this case the patient, at the centre of all our thinking. Our in depth experience of injection moulding means we can offer our clients valuable insights into how to best deliver their requirements.

On this occasion using our experience in tooling, we designed a new mould which reduced cycled time by 20% and moulding efficiency was improved from 85% to 99.15%. In addition to these improvements the quality of the part was improved and the functionality of the part more effective for the customers end use requirements.

The resulting cost saving for the client was an incredible 28% per unit.  As a little bonus the lead time also reduced, with improved inventory management for the client. And at APL we were delighted as we have made a client very happy indeed!

Andrea Cawley

Director of Sales and Marketing

Tel: 00 353 87 671 3952