Pharmaceutical Client

In 2015 we identified some key supply challenges due to the age profile of a number of our client’s moulds. We conducted a production study based on annual forecasts and presented our recommendations for replacement tools to the client, with the old tools providing a contingency backup solution to be stored off site.

Over the past months we have project managed the design, build and trials of 4 new, higher cavitation tools. For this tooling project we chose to work with one of our Irish partner toolmakers.

On receipt of each tool we first conducted our own in house inspection and review in our on-site tool room. Once the Tooling Design Manager signed off on the tools we commenced our process approval and trials. This involved precise, bespoke measurement trials on our CMM machine to provide a detailed and robust dimensional analysis prior to production trials on site at the client facility. All critical dimensions were confirmed within tolerances.

Scheduled trials of the product from the new tools were then completed on site at our client’s facility.  Successful completion of the trials was the green light for us to move forward to higher output, quality production with the new tooling. The tools continue to undergo regular, scheduled preventative maintenance to prolong the lifespan of the tools.

Key outcome: Our client received uninterrupted delivery of quality parts. The introduction of the new moulds was implemented with minimal time or input from the client. Delivered by Automatic Plastics through:

  • Mould design and project management
  • Mould trials onsite at Automatic Plastics
  • Manufacture under ISO13485
  • CMM Measurement analysis
  • Product trials on client production lines
  • Preventative maintenance on all tools