Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

  • Case Study: Date Nov 2013
  • Client: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Key Challenge: To maintain top quality standards of production on a high volume contract.
  • Service Delivered: Project Management, Injection Moulding Services and Delivery
  • Performance: Long-standing, close relationship has benefited both supplier and customer

High Volume Production Requirement 

High volume pharma packaging – client testimonial.


APL has been the sole supplier of injection moulding services for this pharmaceutical brand for about 30 years and the volume of production is significant.

The customers Production Manager says “It’s a dynamic environment and while we provide a forecast of requirements in advance, production needs can change so it’s important that APL can respond quickly – luckily we’ve never been disappointed in that respect. We consider APL to be a premium supplier.”

Product Development

Over the years there have been a number of progressive changes in terms of the component manufactured and APL has contributed to the development process “They are not afraid to bring ideas to the table. The development of the pack and product has been an on-going process. When we’ve discussed product changes, APL has been able to add value, using their in-depth expertise in mould making – that has saved us time and we really benefit from their technical input at the early stage of any product enhancement.”

Managing the Logistics

Given the significant volumes of components required for the production schedule, the management of the injection moulding manufacturing process and the delivery of product needs to be tightly controlled. “We don’t have much storage space here so we’re dependent on that truck arriving every day with the components. Of course there are minor issues from time to time but we have total faith in APL – in all the years we’ve worked with them, there has never been a stock-out. They have never let us down and we know they will do whatever we need to be done – it’s one less thing we have to worry about. We consider APL to be the best supplier in the marketplace.”