Ventilation Manufacturer

  • Date: June 2013
  • Client: UK Ventilation Manufacturer
  • Service Delivered: Injection Moulding
  • Product: Components for Ventilation Systems


This UK business designs and manufactures a variety of ventilation products. The company works with a number of local suppliers however they were producing components inhouse for certain ventilation products and decided to outsource this – so a new injection moulding supplier was required.

The original intention was to source a UK moulder however the company broadened the search and used the internet and trade contacts to identify other injection moulding specialists. APL had supplied into some UK companies in the past and it had been targeting UK manufacturers through its website and adwords.

It was important for the customer to get the right outcome from the supplier selection process. The Production Manager says “We issue a work schedule once a month and the supplier needs to fulfil that requirement. Once we have the production system set up and ready to roll –  the monthly delivery of components must be of the highest quality when it turns up or production stalls.”

Supplier Selection – Tacit Factors

The Procurement Manager says “We went through a supplier assessment programme with five competitors. It was a testament to APL that we selected a supplier in the Republic of Ireland and not in the UK. As a buyer I would localise my purchasing usually and take into consideration the carbon footprint. I would also be aware of the distance, however in practice this has not been an issue. Some of the key deciding factors included tacit things such as cleanliness and quality of client base. The pricing is also very competitive – maybe we could have sourced a cheaper supplier but the quality achieved with APL makes them cost effective. We like the way the staff is engaged with the management team and when we did our analysis it seemed like a good commercial fit. We were looking for a strategic, longer term relationship. Because of the nature of the business we need flexibility also.”

Intangible Considerations

There were other factors that influenced the decision also “We have a good feeling about the business. Al is really engaged with the local community and that’s important – to get buy-in from the people who matter locally. It may not seem commercial to talk about a “warm feeling” but it does count. When I visited the factory and you add this gut instinct with the professional perspective that you see at APL – it gives you confidence in the entire business.”

Happily that confidence has proven to be well placed and the two companies look forward to working together fruitfully into the future.