Beginners Guide to Injection Moulding

Beginners guide to injection moulding – easy to read guide to design and production of injection moulding at Automatic Plastics Limited. Insight into medical device manufacture and packaging.
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Injection Moulding & Tool Design Consultancy

Considering Moulds, Materials and Components in Injection Moulding Design

Designing a product for injection moulding requires a wide array of factors to be taken into consideration.

Project Management for Pharmaceutical Injection Moulding Process

Sharing in Expertise and Experience with Injection Moulding Consultancy

Creating formed objects by casting them in moulds is a technology developed thousands, if not tens of thousands of years ago.

Design Services for Tools from Automatic Plastics

Developing Injection Moulding Prototypes to Ensure the Success of a Product

Prototyping is a critical part of product development. It is the first time the product will be manufactured in any sense allowing its viability as a product to be tested in numerous ways. It has historically been a “first step” …
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Injection Moulding Services

Analysing Mould flow for More Precise Injection Moulded Products

In principle the process of injection moulding is relatively simple.

Contract Moulding Services For the UK

Providing contract moulding services allows companies in the UK to focus on the core aspects of their business, making sales, promoting their product and distributing it.

Effective and Efficient Plastic Product Moulding

As well as producing a range of custom items for both the automotive and the pharmaceutical industries Automatic Plastics manufacture a number of different plastic product moulding items for a variety of industries.

Designing, Developing and Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Plastic Products

Few industries have such a high level of requirement for quality as the Pharmaceutical industry.

Capabilities for the Production of Automotive Plastic Products

The automotive industry is a leading client in the injection moulding industry.

A Range of Specialist Plastic Manufacturing Services

The development of plastics technology has completely revolutionized the world we live in. Vehicles and furniture can be created with more ergonomic forms more easily and at a lower cost.

APL Celebrates 40 Years of Injection Moulding Services

Experienced Injection Moulders and Plastic Manufacturers

When it comes to supplying precision moulded plastic products few companies have as much experience as Automatic Plastics.
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Consultancy and Advice on Injection Moulding

History of Automatic Plastics Ltd.

When Automatic Plastics Ltd opened its doors for business in 1972 in Tinahely Co. Wicklow Managing Director Al Lawless Snr knew that this
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