Contract Moulding Services For the UK

APL Celebrates 40 Years of Injection Moulding Services

Providing contract moulding services allows companies in the UK to focus on the core aspects of their business, making sales, promoting their product and distributing it. With contract moulding taken care of by a contract moulding specialist, like Automatic Plastics, clients can be confident that their moulded products will be manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Automatic Plastics have been producing injection moulded products for more than 40 years. In that time the company has developed a wealth of expertise and a wide range of proficiencies.

Operating from a 33,000 sq foot facility in Wicklow the company is close to 3 major ports and only 2 hours from Dublin Airport, facilitating rapid delivery to the UK. Continuous investment in staff and technology means that Automatic plastic can offer their customers a wide range of services.


With so much experience and expertise at their disposal APL provide consultancy to customers setting out to produce new plastic injection moulded products. The consultancy process covers a number of important areas including, new tool development, feasibility analysis, financial planning and tool acquisition management.

In-House Design Services for the Automotive sector


To make the production process that much more seamless APL have expert design services. Rather than deal with transferring designs over from another service or designer, designs can be integrated into the process, avoiding the attendant problems of communication and data transfer.

Mould Flow

Ensuring polymers flow properly through a mould is essential to produce a complete product free of defects or flaws. Mould flow analysis looks at a number of factors in the design and layout of a mould to ensure optimal polymer flow. The positions of gates and vents are two of the main features analysed as well as the potential for issues such as warpage.

Project Management

In addition to consultation, design and mould flow analysis Automatic Plastics are able to provide a complete project management service for their customers. With project management orchestrating the progress of product development the process is far more efficient with fewer disruptions.

Injection Moulding

Injection moulding forms the core of Automatic Plastic’s services. A range of cutting edge equipment and machinery along with a number of robotic systems allows Automatic Plastic to produce an almost unlimited variety of plastic components and products.

APL provides plastic products for the medical device automotive and pharmaceutical industries as well as a number of different areas. Disposable cutlery is manufactured for the catering sector and product housings and crates are also produced.

Insert Moulding

Insert moulding facilitates a wider range of component integration. During the moulding process additional plastic or metal pieces are incorporated into the mould, fixing them within the structure of the finished piece. This can be useful for reinforcing the piece or for incorporating attachments such as bolts, allowing the component to be more easily attached to other pieces.

2 Shot Moulding

2 shot moulding is the process whereby 2 separate volumes of polymer are injected into the same mould. There are a number of reasons for carrying this out and a range of different results are available.

A common application of 2 shot moulding is in the production of handle grips or grip surfaces. A harder polymer can be used for the core structure to give rigidity and a softer rubberized polymer used on the outside provides superior traction. I can also be used to create a product with 2 separate colours or different textures.

Component Assembly

Where a number of separate components of a single part are produced together APL can provide assembly services for that product. Also where some components are produced elsewhere they can be delivered to APL’s facility and combined with the plastic products as they come off the production line.

Tool Management

Tool management includes the storage and maintenance of moulds and moulding tools. APL’s storage facility can store tools up to two tonnes in weight. A specially fitted crane allows for the secure movement of tools within the workshop and storage areas.

This ensures tools are available to customers as and when they area needed for production cycles. Maintenance of the tools is also carried out ensuring they remain in perfect condition.