Designing, Developing and Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Plastic Products

Injection Moulding Services for Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Sectors

Few industries have such a high level of requirement for quality as the Pharmaceutical industry. Customers of the pharmaceutical industry must have faith and confidence that every aspect of pharmaceutical products is scrutinised under the highest standards. This extends to the packaging.

Pharmaceutical packaging ensures medicines and other pharmaceutical products reach the customer in optimal condition. Packaging has to be tamperproof tamper-evident and function consistently.

Other pharmaceutical plastic products must reach the same high and exacting standards. Those medical professionals that use them must be certain of the quality and effectiveness of the product, that it will work as it is supposed to every time.

Because pharmaceutical products are controlled and such a valuable resource they must be distributed promptly and reliably. This means that complimentary plastic components and products such as packaging must be produced and delivered with consistency and on schedule.

Plastic injection moulding companies servicing the pharmaceutical industries must meet these exacting standards in order to succeed and continue to succeed. This requires a clear and controlled process be established that covers all necessary aspects of production.

Before the Process

There are a number of important factors to consider before the actual injection moulding process begins. Engaging in a consultation with manufacturers beforehand can be an effective means of clarifying requirements and ensuring no critical details have been overlooked and ensuring best practices are met.

Consultancy and Advice on Injection Moulding

Consultancy may also provide extensive feedback on the feasibility of a new project, a full costing for a product design or advice on the design of a new moulding tool. If there are any critical elements of a project that seem unclear it is always worth engaging the experience and knowledge of skilled experts.

The design of the product can be a difficult task. There might be certain properties of a product that need to be included but it is not clear how best to implement them. These might include special types of tamper proof seals or a dispensing application. Fully realising an incomplete design may be carried out in the design process also.

Engaging design specialists familiar with the immediate process can also result in substantial efficiencies being made. This can result in long term savings particularly where the product undergoes numerous runs.

Another area of injection moulding where efficiencies can be made prior to the actual production is in mould flow analysis. This involves analysing a mould design to determine the optimal locations of gating and cooling positions. The location of these elements can affect properties of the plastic moulded product including warping and options of materials used. Like other parts of the design process mould flow analysis is likely to realise substantial long term savings.

Project Management is be another service that Pharmaceutical companies may want to consider before they begin the moulding production process. Professionally tracked and managed projects will be more efficient overall and run more smoothly, ensuring deadlines and other requirements are met.

Moulding Process Begins

Injection moulding is a highly efficient and fully automated means of manufacturing a wide variety of plastic products. The pharmaceutical industry relies on the injection moulding process to produce much of the packaging and containers in which its products are distributed.

There are a number of different variations and unique applications possible within injection moulding to produce specific components or products.

Insert Moulding for Metal and Plastic Inserts

Insert moulding is one such capability. Insert injection moulding is the process of fitting a preformed metal or plastic component into the product as it is being formed. A common application for insert moulding is to affix threaded receivers for screws allowing two parts of a product to be screwed together. Insert moulding may also be used to increase rigidity of a product.

Post Production

After a finished plastic moulded piece comes off the production line it may require assembly in conjunction with other pieces. The injection moulding company may offer this as a service. Logistics are another important service that quality injection moulding specialists may offer.