Economies of scale make contract moulding an effective source of plastic components

If you consider the typical manufactured product in a person’s house that they may use every day, a washing machine, a television, a vacuum cleaner, each of these products is made from hundreds ,  if not thousands of different parts.
Electrical components, metal components and plastic components are assembled to form one complete product. It would be infeasible for one single company to have manufacturing facilities capable of producing each of these components from raw materials. The structure of global manufacturing means that the use of services such as  makes the production process much more efficient.

Contract moulding is the process whereby a company contracts out the production of specific plastic injection moulded components to a plastic injection moulding specialist company. An example might be where an automobile manufacturer owns and operates the factories that produce and manufacture the mechanical parts of a vehicle such as the engine and gearbox as well as the main structures such as the chassis and suspension they are likely to contract out the production of smaller components such as wing mirror casings and door panels to specialist contract moulding companies.

The benefit to manufacturers is clear. Even a very successful automobile manufacturer is not going to produce enough cars to justify the expense of setting up an internal p
It is not only product manufacturers that require the services of plastic moulding contractors. Many other industries such as in the pharmaceutical sector require supplemental plastic products such as containers for medications. A pharmaceutical company might contract an injection moulding company to produce a range of specialised containers for a new product. Moulds can be kept in storage so that if the product is successful further production runs can be made.lastic moulding production unit. Such a unit might only need to be running for a few months or even weeks out of the year. Having expensive injection moulding equipment sitting idle for long periods of time is far from cost effective and such equipment can require a degree of maintenance.

Or another example may be where a medical device company outsources their medical device injection moulding for a specific component.

Injection Moulding

A contract moulding company will make plastic injection moulded products for several different companies possibly in many different sectors over the course of the year meaning equipment is used constantly and is far more cost effective both for the plastic manufacturer and the companies they supply.

Another advantage contract moulders have over in-house moulding is their breadth of experience. Working with many different industries gives moulding companies a greater understanding of the potential pitfalls and difficulties that may be faced by a given project. For this reason many injection moulders provide project management services. This service can be of varying degrees of comprehensiveness. Typically it would include other services such as design and mould flow analysis. Specialised design software allows for the most efficient and cost effective moulds to be produced. Mould flow analysis also uses specialised software that models the way in which polymers will flow through a given mould. This allows manufacturers to see where potential weak points may occur and where greater efficiencies might be made it the design of the mould.