Effective and Efficient Plastic Product Moulding

APL Injection Moulding Services for Automotive Industry

As well as producing a range of custom items for both the automotive and the pharmaceutical industries Automatic Plastics manufacture a number of different plastic product moulding items for a variety of industries. They produce everything from small disposable cutlery items to larger plastic products such as bins, crates and casings.

Injection moulding forms the core of the services we provide at Automatic Plastics. It is a well established, proven and reliable process. No other process can produce plastic products on such as scale at such effectiveness of cost as Injection Moulding.

While the process has been in existence for many years and the basic premise has changed little, the technology used to create plastic products has advanced enormously over the years. Automation and sophisticated computer software allow for moulded plastic products to be produced much more efficiently and effectively.

APL Component Assembly for Injection Moulding Products

Automatic Plastics continually reinvest in the equipment with which they provide their service. The use of robots and other automated technology provides for greater levels of productivity. This in turn means that Automatic Plastics can not only provide clients with product in a consistent and prompt manner but that they can adapt dynamically to the sudden changes that can occur in various manufacturing industries.

Automatic Plastics have a number of injection moulding capabilities that allow them to provide customers with a more diverse range of options in the moulded plastic products they supply.

One of these capabilities is the Two Shot Moulding Process. This process allows products to be made with two distinct polymers. This is ideal for products that require separate textures, consistencies or other properties. An example might be of a handle that requires a hard plastic internal structure for rigidity and a softer outer surface to provide better grip.

The same process can be applied to achieve two separate colours in a single plastic product. The benefit that two shot injection moulding provides is that it saves on having two separate injection processes and the additional cost of assembly.

Insert Moulding for Metal and Plastic Inserts

Insert moulding is another capability of Automatic Plastics that removes the need for additional assembly. Any supplementary metal or preformed plastic components that need to be added to the product can potentially be added during the moulding process with Insert Moulding. The components are inserted into the mould and the plastic is moulded around them. This integrates the components more completely into the structure of the product than if they were assembled separately. It also precludes an assembly process which is a saving on labour and produces products more efficiently.

Often certain product components cannot be assembled automatically within the moulding process itself and have to be assembled by hand. When this is the case Automatic Plastics can provide clients with an assembly service. This is a more efficient way of carrying out the assembly than to have it transported to a separate assembly facility.

Automatic Plastics can take the finished products directly from the production line and assemble them there in the facility. Very experienced operators are employed to assemble components by hand. Using a highly efficient process, products with multiple sub-components can be assembled quickly and effectively.

Recognising the efficiencies that can be obtained by handling certain services in-house Automatic Plastics also provide comprehensive logistics services in addition to their core manufacturing services. Products can be taken directly from the production line, through assembly if needed and loaded directly onto waiting trucks for immediate delivery.

It means that deliveries can be organised and adapted to Automatic Plastic’s own schedule rather than having to rely on an external logistics company.

Clients recognise the value in carrying out multiple runs of a product with the same moulds. For this reason Automatic Plastics provide a tool management service for clients after a production run. Moulds are kept in specially designed storage facilities and tools of up to two tonnes in weight can be stored.