Experienced Injection Moulders and Plastic Manufacturers

Experienced Injection Moulders and Plastic Manufacturers

When it comes to supplying precision moulded plastic products few companies have as much experience as Automatic Plastics. More than four decades ago Automatic Plastics began developing plastic products for the automotive industry. In that time they have developed a deep understanding of what is required to maintain the necessary standards of quality and consistency that their customers require.

The company operates from a 33,000 sq ft premises in Tinahely, Co. Wicklow. Close to a number of major ports and only 2 hours from Dublin Airport, products can be dispatched quickly. A staff of 68 people represents a highly trained workforce in which the company invests substantially through continuous training programs.

APL also continually invest in state of the art plastic forming equipment and injection moulding technology to ensure that customers are provided with the highest quality of service and the best value.

It is through long experience and an ongoing dedication to improvement and quality that APL have built and maintained long lasting, successful relationships some of which have lasted more than 25 years.

The company started out by supplying plastic moulded components to the automotive industry. A wide range of injection moulded plastic products have been produced for a variety of vehicles over the years. Everything from panel casings for doors to steering wheel modules have been manufactured at their facilities. Other products produced for the automotive industry have included wing mirror cases, entertainment panel casings and climate control modules.

Consistency is critical to the automotive process. In order to sustain healthy profits the majority of vehicle manufacturers run on an incredibly tight schedule. Everything must arrive on time and it must work the way it is supposed to. A seemingly simple flaw resulting from improperly fabricated products could hold up production line processes causing delays and loss of profits. Any company supplying the automotive industry must have a strong focus on consistency in the quality of their products.

One of the elements that allows Automatic Plastics to achieve the necessary levels of consistency of quality is the high level of skill and technological capability available to them through highly trained employees and cutting edge technology.

Mould flow analysis is a process that allows for greater efficiencies to be made in advance of any actual production. Mould Flow analysis enables injection moulders to determine the optimum positions for gates and cooling elements in the design of a mould. These require consideration of factors such as the material to be used, the size and position of the gates, the cooling needs of the material and the potential for warping during the injection moulding process.

By ensuring as many elements are accounted for as possible in advance of production APL can ensure a far greater level of consistency and fewer disruptions to the process. Applying processes such as Mould flow Analysis on an ongoing basis results in ever greater refinements of the injection moulding production process.

Automatic Plastics also supply products for the pharmaceutical Industry. They have been supplying the pharmaceutical sector with custom formed medical devices, rigid containers and injection moulded packaging for more than three decades.

Like the automotive Industry the pharmaceutical industry requires a particular attention to consistency of production as well as precision. It also requires a high degree of flexibility and a capability to supply high volumes of product in a short turn around.

A highly automated production service provides Automatic Plastics with these capabilities and more. A diverse range of products can be manufactured to a high degree of specification and quality in a relatively short amount of time.

Some of the diverse range of injection moulded products Automatic Plastics manufacture for the pharmaceutical industry include DNA testing kits, defibrillator casings, rigid containers for medicines and tamper proof tubs.

Automatic Plastics also provide a range of services that provide customers with a better finished product. These include design services, consultation services and project management services.