High quality and precision Injection moulders at APL

For four decades Automatic Plastics have been supplying precision moulded plastic components to sectors including the medical device, automotive and pharmaceutical industries. As experienced plastic injection moulders, Automatic Plastic understand the high levels of quality and consistency in both product and service that customers require.

Operating from a 33,000 sq ft facility and employing 68 staff the company uses a range of cutting edge technology and equipment to provide customers with extensive custom plastic forming services. APL injection moulders aim to provide their customers with the most comprehensive and high quality service at the greatest value to establish and ensure long and productive relationships.

The pharmaceutical industry represents a major market for injection moulding suppliers. For more than 30 years Automatic Plastics have been supplying the pharmaceutical sector with custom formed medical devices, rigid containers and more.

This a Picture Pharmaceutical Plastic Injection Moulding

Pharmaceutical Plastic Injection Moulding

The company’s beginnings are with the supply of plastic components for the automotive industry over forty years ago. This relationship continues today. Customers value their long and continuous experience of specific and changing requirements in the industry and the understanding that experience brings. Over the years Automatic Plastics have produced a variety of components for vehicles that include panel casings for doors, wing mirror cases, steering wheel modules and entertainment panel casings.

Continuous investment in up to date technology means Automatic Plastics automated manufacturing capabilities are extremely flexible. This means APL can produce products for a diverse range of different sectors. Small objects such as toys and disposable cutlery can be manufactured just as easily and quickly as larger items like crates, bins and product housings.

While injection moulding forms the core of Automatic Plastic’s service they also offer a large number of complementary services. Consultancy, Design, Project Management and Mould Flow Analysis allow clients to benefit from APL injection moulders many years of experience and ensure that production products happen as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Insert Moulding and 2-shot Moulding allow for greater variety in end mould forms. Component Assembly, Tool management and Logistics services are all available to ensure that products are manufactured, assembled and delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.