Four types of Injection Moulding MachineAPL operates a programme of continuous investment in Injection Moulding Machinery. We use the latest technology, deploying all-electric moulding machines which deliver great speed and accuracy at low running costs. The profile of our machinery at present is

  • 25 Injection Moulding Machines.
  • Machines range from 25 to 500 tonnes.
  • Injection Moulding Machines at APLAll our injection moulding machines are equipped with the latest in microprocessor technology and with the latest closed loop control systems.
  • Our Average machine age is only 7 Years old.

Four types of Injection Moulding Machine:
Fanuc, Sandretto, Boy and Arburg.

If you would like to see our machinery in action and visit the premises, we’d be delighted to welcome you. Contact APL here or call now on 00 353 402 38231

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