2 Shot Moulding

2 Shot Moulding for Medical Device Component2 Shot Moulding for Medical Device Component

Two shot moulding can be used to combine two types of plastic polymers with distinct properties, or two different colours in one moulding process, so it’s a cost-effective way to create an injection moulded product quickly, efficiently and with added advantages for the user.

Benefits of two shot moulding in medical device manufacture

The two shot moulding process enables designers to add more functionality to the product, as well as improving aesthetics. There are many ways this can be useful when it comes to developing products and devices for the medical and pharmaceutical industries:

• New designs and features
• Reduced cost
• Faster assembly
• Enhanced aesthetics and ergonomics
• Improved quality and bonding
• Introduce branding at the injection moulding stage
• Lower cycle times

The choice for the medical industry

As you can see, for added functionality, multiple colours and materials, as well as reduced costs due to the removal of secondary processes, two shot moulding has a host of benefits that can be applied when it comes to developing medical devices for the pharmaceutical and medtech sectors. Specifically, this means that it’s possible to include many features that are desirable on medical devices, such as soft grip surfaces and handles, colour coding, shock absorption, waterproof seals, moveable parts and multi-functional solutions.

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