Injection Moulding Consultants for Medical Device Sector

Automatic Plastics are injection moulding consultants for the medical device sector in the UK, Ireland and Worldwide. When creating injection-moulded products or components for the medical device sector, there are a number of factors to take into consideration, such as quality, cost and manufacturing issues.

At APL, our 40 years’ experience in injection moulding has given us the in-depth knowledge to tackle the unique problems that can arise when creating injection-moulded components.

For customers in the medtech industry, this experience can be crucially important when it comes to getting a product to market. Our multi-disciplinary team can advise on every aspect of the manufacture from concept and design to price and delivery – all of which can be critical when producing a quality product.

Understanding the factors that can affect quality:

  • Design – Sound injection moulding expertise from the outset can make all the difference to the end product, in terms of avoiding design faults and technical glitches.
  • Manufacture – Throughout the manufacturing process, precision can be critical to the end product, especially when working with bespoke injection moulding, as required by many organisations in the medical device sector.
  • Supply – Every business experiences flow and ebb in turnover. Responding to surges in demand means having the inventory there when you need it. Our team have years of experience in this aspect of the business and can help you design the best solution.

For further advice on our injection moulding services contact APL on 353 (0) 402 38231 or email