Plastic Injection Moulding Design for Medical Device SectorInjection Moulding Design for Medical Devices

Automatic Plastics specialise in delivering quality injection moulding design components for medical devices. Our clients are from the Medtech sector in the UK, Ireland and Worldwide. We believe in working closely with our clients in order to achieving the best possible end-product. It’s at the design stage where functionality and aesthetics are integrated – factors that can differentiate your offering from the competition.

Our engineers have worked on many injection moulding design projects related to most types of medical device in the medtech sector, so we can offer the expertise you need at this stage of the manufacturing process.

  • Pre-manufacture – When you come to us with your concept, we will recommend the best processes and manufacturing options to deliver the most cost-effect and practical design, including cavitation of tooling, sourcing the best materials, packing and transport, tolerances, quality assurance and production.
  • State-of-the-art technology – We use 3D CAD software and digital designers to produce visual representations for your feedback.
  • Prototyping – Once the design has been agreed, we will then go about designing the tooling, scheduling the build, running trials and moving to full scale production.

Creating a quality product

It has been our years of experience that has led us to develop a plastic injection moulding process that is one of the best in the industry.

We understand the factors that that come into play when it comes to designing injection moulded medical devices. Functionality and aesthetics are just part of that. Other factors, such as size, form and weight can all affect the production process and the end-product. This is where our expertise can be most valuable – in creating a product that is optimised for cost-effectiveness and marketability.

If you have a concept or idea you’d like to discuss, out contact APL on 353 (0) 402 38231 or email