Mould Flow

Mould Flow Analysis

Understanding how mould flow analysis affects the construction and quality of an injection-moulded product is a complicated procedure. At APL, we have the IT resources and the skilled personnel to use this process to ensure the best quality end-product.

The procedure involves using computer simulations to analyse the flow of plastic during the injection moulding process. APL engineers receive training on the latest developments in mould flow technology to make sure they are always up-to-date with the newest methodologies and are able to deliver that expertise to you.

Using mould flow analysis

Basic mould flow analysis simulates for the fill and packing stages, and helps to optimise gate size/location, balance runner and process conditions.

By adopting more complex mould flow analysis techniques, this can lead to changes in operating temperatures and fibre orientation that in turn, create higher quality parts and improve cost-effectiveness. For example, when parts cool, shrinkage and warping can occur. Effective mould flow analysis can be utilised in order to prevent wastage or a faulty end product.

Over the years, we have developed our mould flow technology and analysis processes to be best in practice. As a result, this expertise can help our clients maintain the highest levels of quality in the final product.

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