The applications for Injection Moulding and associated services are varied and APL has worked across a huge range of market sectors to deliver on customer needs. Our 40 years of expertise in high volume production for pharmaceutical has positioned us to deliver in varied fields including food packaging and homewares, both supported by our Grade A BRC accreditation. Our products, supplied to our clients, can be found in all of the large UK retailers and many European ones also.

Consultancy and Advice on Injection Moulding


Given the depth of expertise at APL, we offer customers access
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Design Services for Tools from Automatic Plastics


APL uses 3D CAD software and inhouse expertise to deliver design services for tools.
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Mould Flow Analysis for Tools

Mould Flow Analysis

Mould Flow Analysis to see how the polymer flow will work during the moulding process.
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Project Management for Pharmaceutical Injection Moulding Process

Project Management

Our Project Management service combines technical expertise
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Injection Moulding Machines for Toys, Bins, Medical Containers

Injection Moulding

This is the core process offered by the business and it the most
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Insert Moulding for Metal and Plastic Inserts

Insert Moulding

APL has specialist expertise in Insert Moulding.
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2-Shot Moulding Plastic Injection Services

2-Shot Moulding

APL is one of the few trade moulders which offers a 2-Shot
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APL Component Assembly for Injection Moulding Products

Component Assembly

APL has offered Component Assembly as a core service
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Tool Storage for Moulds and Tools

Tool Management

APL offers a comprehensive Tool Management service which
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For clients who have a concept but no working product
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Transport & Storage Services for Pharmaceutical Sector


APL operates 24/7, offering absolute flexibility to meet
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