Tool Management

Tool Management & Moulds StorageAPL has managed tools since the inception of the business and the A-Z service covers acquiring, maintaining and storing moulds for customers from a broad variety of markets.

Tool Sourcing

There can be no doubt but that the quality of tools sourced locally is often far superior to those bought in from the Far East and other regions. However equally there are quality suppliers that can deliver on customer requirements when advised clearly on the specification, expected use of the mould etc

APL can help clarify communications with the supplier, identify suitable toolmakers and manage the delivery and installation of the tool to ensure effective production.

If you manage the sourcing of tools, APL looks forward to discussing your requirements.

Storage of Tools

All tools are stored on a specially designed racking system with rolling shelves capable of holding tools of up to two tonnes in weight. An overhead crane has been installed over the new production area leading to reduced tool change times and higher efficiencies.

Each tool is monitored on a daily basis and a strict maintenance program is in operation to ensure that all tools are kept in optimum condition. While running, each tool is cleaned daily and all mould protection settings are verified on a weekly basis.

Tool Maintenance

Our workshop is extremely well equipped and our toolmakers are highly experienced. We also have an expert local welder to hand when required.

Equipment in the tooling room includes

  • Traditional Milling Machine, Surface Grinder & Lathe
  • CNC Milling Machine
  • Spark Eroder

Moulds are available to customers in excellent condition as and when they are needed for production cycles.