Pharma moulding excellence from APL

Injection Moulding Services for Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices Sectors

Pharma moulding is a manufacturing process used to create the plastic components of pharmaceutical products. Examples of pharma products include rigid medicine containers, push-on and screw-top lids, tamper-proof lids and casings for medical devices such as defibrillators and DNA testing kits.

Because these plastic casings contain such vital medical supplies and medicines it’s important to ensure that the utmost care has been taken during their creation.

Automatic Plastics provides pharma moulding services for UK pharmaceutical companies. They have been supplying this service to the UK medical and pharma sector for more than thirty years.

APL deliver plastic injection moulding services to produce pharmaceutical products that are quality assured. They offer fast turn-around of high volume orders using multi-cavity moulding tools.

Trusted pharma moulding services with APL

APL’s customers demand the best manufacturing standards. One pharma company we have been working closely with for three decades chooses APL because we provide excellent product development and logistics management. This pharma company has faced many progressive changes over the years in terms of the component manufactured, and APL has been able to contribute to the development process, bringing fresh ideas to the table in regards to the product’s packaging and design structure. We bring our decades of experience and in-depth expertise on pharma mould making to enhance the product and improve the user experience.

In addition to this technical know-how, APL provide highly structured manufacturing logistics. Given the significant volumes of plastic components needed for production, it’s important to have a tightly controlled delivery schedule during the management of the injection moulding process. APL ensure the operation runs smoothly and production is met within the specified time frame.

APL pharma injection moulding standards

APL achieves its high standards of injection moulding by keeping in-line with industry manufacturing best practices. Our personnel undertake progressive programmes to meet relevant quality requirements and industry standards.

APL have achieved ISO 9002/EN 29002 International Quality System, the QS-9000 accreditation.

If you need to source a new injection moulding provider for your pharma products contact APL. For more information about APL’s pharma moulding service in the UK  call +121 2850848 or email