Plastic injection moulding companies in the UK

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UK plastic injection moulding companies manufacture the various parts and components that make up the plastic items that we see and use every day. From plastic screw top tamper-proof lids we see on medicine containers to the plastic frames of car interiors and a huge range of other appliances, devices and gizmos, in every aspect of our lives plastic plays an important part. Without these plastic components our lives would be very different indeed.

Quality plastic manufacturing companies in the UK and worldwide ensure these plastic components are built to be durable, precise and highly functional. If great care isn’t taken during the injection moulding process then products of poor quality will be produced.

When choosing an injection moulding supplier make sure they are quality assured, have a long-standing history of producing quality plastic products and have all the necessary accreditation to back up their quality claims.

When choosing an injection moulding company be sure to ascertain what industry standards and accreditation’s they hold. This information will help you identify the company’s attitude towards quality manufacturing processes, which are vital to the quality of your plastic products.

Automatic Plastics is a highly trusted name in injection moulding services in the UK and Ireland.

Why choose APL company for plastic injection moulding?

APL are injection moulders with more than 30 years experience working within the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.

The APL service includes top quality injection moulding in high volumes, operated with multi-cavity tools at very fast cycles. APL offer a professional service, in-depth expertise in injection moulding and competitive pricing.

APL achieves these high quality standards by undertaking progressive programmes to meet relevant quality requirements and industry standards. Our qualifications include:

  • The ISO 9002/EN 29002 International Quality System in 1993
  • QS-9000 Accreditation achieved in 1998
  • TS-16949 – the latest automotive standard in 2006

APL is currently working to secure the British Retail Consortium Standard (BRC) – a newly established worldwide standard which applies to the safe manufacturing of packaging materials used in food, cosmetics, toiletries and other consumer products.

The three main areas where we supply our services to are:

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