Plastic moulding processes

2-Shot Moulding Plastic Injection Services

Thanks to advances in plastic moulding techniques and processes UK pharmaceutical companies are able to manufacture some of the most trusted names in pharma, medical and healthcare products.

From medicine dispensers and containers to testing kits and tamper-proof tubs and casings for medical supplies, just about each and every pharmaceutical item you can think of contains parts made of plastic. And to be the trusted items we’ve come to rely on it’s imperative that only the best manufacturing techniques have been used during the plastic moulding process.

Three common types of moulding techniques used by plastics manufacturers include:

  • Injection moulding – this involves injecting a superheated thermoplastic material into a ceramic mould and applying pressure to clamp the mould into place. The mould is then left to cool before the plastic product is removed.
  • Insert moulding – this process involves putting a plastic or metal insert into a product during the moulding process or after moulding in order to improve the strength or functionality of the final product. Insert moulding can improve efficiencies in production, making it a cost-effective process for customers.
  • 2-shot moulding – this moulding process involves the use of a specialist machine which produces mouldings made from two separate polymers over a single cycle of production. This technique is applied where two colours are needed or if a complex design is required. Because the machine handles the production requirement in one manufacturing cycle, it is a far more efficient process than running two separate production processes.

 2-Shot Moulding Services for Pharmaceutical Products

Plastic moulding and other services from APL

Automatic Plastics are injection moulding experts based in Ireland supplying plastic moulding and other services to pharmaceutical and automotive industries in Ireland and the UK. They have been producing plastic products for over three decades and are trusted for their quality, reliability and professional service.

In addition to their comprehensive plastic injection, insert moulding and 2-shot plastic moulding services APL also provide expert design services, mould flow analysis, project management and consultancy capabilities, component assembly and tool management services.

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