Sharing in Expertise and Experience with Injection Moulding Consultancy

Consultancy and Advice on Injection Moulding

Creating formed objects by casting them in moulds is a technology developed thousands, if not tens of thousands of years ago. It is a highly effective means of producing a complex shape relatively quickly and easily with a high degree of precision.

The principles of modern injection moulding are basically the same. A soft, malleable material is pressed into a shaped mould resulting in a finished form in the shape of the mould cavity.


However, in order to produce plastic products of a high quality with consistency a large number of factors need to be taken into consideration. Appreciating and understanding all of the elements that affect the quality of a finished product requires plenty of experience in injection moulding.

APL Celebrates 40 Years of Injection Moulding Services

Automatic Plastics have more than four decades of injection moulding experience. The company began in the early 1970’s providing plastic components to the automotive industry. Over the years their supply base has expanded to include a range of different sectors including the pharmaceutical sector.

Consultancy Services

With so much experience gathered over the years Automatic Plastics are able to provide exceptional injection moulding consultancy services. These services include a number of different activities.


One of the core competencies available through APL’s consultation services is the feasibility assessment of projects. Clients can submit injection moulding proposals to Automatic Plastics for assessment. Automatic Plastics will give detailed outlines as to how successful the project would be and any pertinent changes that could be made.

Expert Opinion

Automatic Plastics are also available to be consulted on proposals by 3rd party injection moulding companies. They can review the supplier’s delivery proposal and advise as to whether or not it meets or exceeds standard requirements.

Design Services for Tools from Automatic Plastics

Tool Design

Consultancy services can give advice to clients on the design of a new tool. The experience available to APL in designing and utilising moulding tools enables them to give comprehensive feedback to clients designing their own injection moulding tools.


The manufacturing of a product through injection moulding often forms the core of a business. APL’s understanding of the business of injection moulding allows them to provide clients with detailed business costing plans to help determine the viability and potential for success of their business.

Tender Documentation

Detail is critical to continually manufacturing high quality injection moulded products. It is also critical in producing specification documents for tendering. As injection moulding consultants APL work with clients to produce detailed specification documents for tendering processes.

Other Services

Automatic Plastics provide a number of additional services that complement and are complemented by injection moulding consultancy.

Mould Flow Analysis for Tools

Flow Analysis

Flow analysis looks in detail at how the structure of a mould design will affect the flow of the molten plastic through the mould. Through this diagnosis analysts can determine any changes that should be made to the design to optimise flow through the mould and prevent common defects from occurring. It will also help in determining the optimal positioning of gates and cooling structures.

Design Services

Where a client has yet to complete a formal design process APL can carry this out for the client through their own in-house design services. This service can involve a number of tasks including the clarification of specifications, the development of designs using 3D CAD software and the creation of prototypes to test designs in advance of production.