Sustainability within the Plastic Injection Moulding Industry

APL lives and breathes sustainability in all aspects of our plastic injection moulding business.

While we have secured and maintained various industry standards that address different aspects of sustainability, the reality is that we have been committed to environmentally aware production since our inception and well before the current focus on this key topic became so prevalent.

Over the years we have also partnered with many local and global customers to exchange expertise on sustainable plastic injection moulding practices and to minimise the environmental impact throughout our manufacturing processes. Indeed many of our clients have audited us to ensure compliance with the highest standards and we welcome this process, which often covers Responsible Sourcing and Ethical standards audits.

We take a broad view on sustainability and we believe ethical plastic injection moulding also needs to address social inclusion – a cause we embrace fully. So not only do we have a Sustainability Policy that addresses areas such as waste management, greenhouse gas emissions and the effective use of natural resources including water, we also have an active social inclusion programme, working closely with a local charity, over many years.

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Environmental practices at APL are integral to the way we operate our plastic injection moulding and related services; here are some activities that demonstrate this. We….

  • Liaise with industry bodies, trade organisations, customers and suppliers to implement best practice.
  • Analyse our greenhouse gas emissions on an ongoing basis.
  • Minimise waste sent to landfill; practically all our waste is recycled.
  • We re-grind all polymer (this is used strictly by agreement with clients and has associated cost benefits)
  • Manufacture product with recyclable materials, in all instances where this is an option
  • Use re-usable packaging, where feasible
  • Are members of REPAK
  • Train staff in best practice for environmental manufacturing

APL has been audited by many leading multi-nationals and our environmental credentials are probably second-to-none for a business of our size and nature.

Social Inclusion

APL is an equal opportunity employer and we have a strong belief in diversity in employment.

We are privileged to play an important role as a key employer in the local community and many of the team at APL have worked with us for decades or indeed are second-generation staff members. This mutual loyalty was recognised and marked by us all when we celebrated 40 years in business a few years ago, with a street party attended by the APL team, our neighbours, local community workers, dignatories, politicians and of course our founder, now retired, Al Lawlor Snr.

A central plank of our employment policy has been our relationship with the local Cheshire Home and for many years we have recruited valued staff from this facility. At present we have 10 team members placed through this arrangement, all working successfully and productively at the factory. We encourage other employers to work with local agencies and we are happy to discuss our hugely positive experiences in this respect.

Economic Sustainability

APL has been in business for more than four decades and while we have naturally expanded and contracted in line with demand and economic cycles, our commitment to ongoing re-investment in equipment, machinery and the skills of the team has never diminished. This sustained effort has seen us through good times and bad and over the last few years we have been able to increase the workforce considerably, now employing more than 100 staff including engineers, technical experts and experienced machine operatives.

Our focus on innovation, re-investment and commercial sustainability has delivered security of supply and confidence for our customers for close to half a century. As a result we tend to work with clients – including many multi-nationals and global brands – over the long-term and we enjoy productive relationships with a wide network of industry professionals across the UK, Ireland, Europe and further afield.